How to automate your testimonial collection process

By | Last Updated: 25 November 2022

Collecting Testimonials at Scale

Requesting testimonials manually from each of your customers is easy when you are a relatively small organisation with few customers.

However, as you scale and get many customers each day, collecting testimonials is going to be a challenge.

Which is where automation of the testimonial collection process is going to help.

Cost of Automation

One of the challenges of automating your business processes is often the expense associated with. Automation often involves technical expertise which is costly to hire.

‍But with the rise of no-code automation tools like Make (Integromat), Pabbly etc, automation has become easy for non-technical entrepreneurs to do it themselves.

However, this doesn't solve the question of how to automate testimonial collection process.

Enter SocialPrf + Pabbly or Make

This is where socialprf can help. Socialprf does not only make the manual request of Testimonials incredibly easy, it also allows you to automate the testimonial collection process at scale through its make and pabbly integration.

This allows you to integrate with 3000+ applications with SocialPrf. For example, if you get a new customer in paypal, you can automatically send them a testimonial request link from socialprf.

And once the customer records their testimonial, you can automatically add them to a display widget and display them on your site.

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